SensoLatino Launches its Spring/Summer 2019 Italian Sunglasses Collection

Sensolatino Eyewear has quite recently brought out another range of shades and optical frames by following the exemplary cool Italian style.

The new collection pursues high standards with appealing looks filled with innovative ideas at amazing value.

With the Spring/Summer 2019 collection, SensoLatino presents a totally new line that features Italian sunglasses with quality and refinement.The blend of improved materials has enabled a product that is both stylish and practical giving improved comfort and lasting wear.The totally new Sun collection holds a full range of lenses from UV Protection to Polarised, superbly made to guarantee more clarity of vision and remarkable eye protection.

There is definitely no superior accessory that revitalizes your style as quickly as fresh out of the box frames. Wear them as a design statement while out in the city and these contemporary eye-catching glasses can genuinely give your look stunning uplift. The Italian originators behind Sensolatino, want to bring an Italian flavor to the rest of the world through this exquisite collection and all at a reasonable price.

There are many options to choose from to suit your own style and to refresh your sunglasses collection and they all come with great protection for your eyes and the sensitive skin around them.  So come and have a look at Sensolatino’s Spring/Summer collection 2019.

Sensolatino’s collection is accessible now for preordering on the web and in the best stores. 2019 brings a wide range of beautiful new looks with great durability. Of all the shades for spring/summer 2019, we cherish our impressive darker collection.


Geometrical, thin and larger than average, feline shape with unmistakable subtleties are all the rage this up and coming season. Pick them with straight frames for an increasingly inconspicuous look or with intense shaded frames or embellishments for a pioneer outfit. Be cool with ice blue shades or expert with Aviators and lightweight gold.  To draw attention to your glasses, ensure you pick outfits or cosmetics in lighter shades.

The top glasses are painted in crazy full-frame and half-frame styles. Dark, brown, clear and blue, aviator sunglasses are extremely prominent this year. Dark frame glasses have caught the creative energy of style originators everywhere and are being transposed in a variety of apparel and embellishment styles. There is also the nectar shade, which looks incredible on light, fair skin tones.

Among the rainbow of hues that you’ll see this year, the warm blue shade will resemble a much-needed refresher. Add this unmistakable frame to ensure you’re not overlooked wherever you stand in the room or choose a more toned down shade to coordinate with everyday outfits, with a pastel blue frame as a great option.

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